The Toronto Super Turtles Dive Club Inc.

Let's get wet!

Explore the mystery, unseen beauty, and heritage of our Great Lakes. Visit an underwater realm available only through SCUBA diving.

All dives are run on a break even basis. This includes trips to the Caribbean. We are not here to make money. We are here to have fun.

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The Turtles

The Toronto Super Turtles Dive Club is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the Province of Ontario, Canada, run by and for it's members. We promote safe and inexpensive diving in Ontario and abroad.

The club certifies SCUBA divers under the internationally recognized PADI training programme. We stress safety, fitness, and dive experience. The club offers basic and advanced SCUBA diving courses involving classroom, pool, and open water instruction. For those divers already certified, the club offers specialty courses such as Medic First Aid / CPR, DAN O2 Provider, Rescue, and Divemaster. Our club instructors can provide you with training at your pace and schedule.

Diver safety is of utmost importance to the Turtles. The club has one of the safest diving records in all of Ontario. This safe record can be directly attributed to our members being prepared through effective training and practiced water skills. Each dive event is supervised by one or more certified Divemasters. The club also provides safety equipment for all dive events.

Why are we the Super Turtles?

Because we like being Super Turtles! Turtle-lore according to Valerie Lister, says that when the club was registering for incorporation, all of the interesting or macho names were taken. Names like Sharks, Explorers, and Underwater Death-mongers were just not available. The club executive met to decide on a name once and for all. One of the execs had just undergone a spinal fusion operation and was in a body cast. One bright wit remarked the he looked like a turtle. Hmmmmmmm. Well, being called Turtles wasn't particularly macho, so they upgraded the name to "Super Turtles" (oh, much better). The rest is history.

Come on out, have some fun, and make some history of your own.


The Turtles dive mainly in Ontario with occasional trips to the Caribbean. Our extensive dive schedule includes popular Ontario dive destinations such as Kingston, Brockville, and Picton. Member organized trips to the Caribbean have included the Bahamas, Cozumel, and Cuba. If you have a particular destination in mind, just volunteer to run an event.

We dive all year round, and if there isn't something scheduled, our members often set something up to fill the gap.

We engage in recreational diving. As such, we practice "no decompression" diving within the established sport diving limits. We do not practice technical or mixed gas diving, with the exception of Nitrox and only if proper training has been applied.

 Diving in the Bahamas                                            Dog sledding near Algonquin park

1999 Event Schedule

Event Date Type Approximate cost
PADI Advanced course Jan 21 Training  
PADI Basic course Mar 25 Training  
PADI Basic course May 13 Training  
AGM + Signup night Feb 18 Meet at Colony Free
Underwater Canada Feb 26,27,28    
Roatan April 25 - May 2 Diving - All Inclusive $1,599
Fenlon Falls June 5 Shore dive Free
Lake Erie (Point Pelee) June 19,20 Boat dive Boat $50/day
Acc: $25/night
Tobermory July 2,3,4 Boat dive  $175 + Optional Chamber run ($20)
Penetang July 17,18 Boat dive - Liveaboard $195
Brockville Aug 14,15 Boat dive - Liveaboard $200
Niagara River Aug 28 Boat dive Boat $35/day (over6)
Kingston Sept 4,5,6 Boat dive Boat $126 (wknd) 
Acc $60 (wknd)
Rockport Sept 18,19 Boat dive - Liveaboard $200
Segwun Dinner Cruise Oct 2,3 Dinner cruise  Segwun cruise $60 
Acc $20
Fall Dance Oct 23 Dance - Fun, prizes  TBA
Turks and Caicos TBA Sun/Surf/Dive Break even

NOTE: Schedule and costs subject to change

Membership and benefits

Membership to the club entitles members to the use of the Wexford Pool, located at 1176 Pharmacy Avenue, Scarborough, for one hour every second Thursday of every month 8:30 - 9:30 p.m.. Use this time to test new dive equipment, hone diving skills, swim lengths, snorkel, or socialize.

The Turtles meet socially every Thursday evening from 8:30 p.m. onwards at the Colony restaurant located at 2072 Lawrence Avenue East (one block west of Warden Avenue on the north side).

The 1999 membership fee is $50. This fee entitles members to the use of the pool, the club's newsletter, basic membership to the Ontario Underwater Council (OUC), OUC insurance coverage, free air fills on club weekends (3 on regular weekends and 5 on long weekends), discounts on Diver magazine, and advanced sign-up privileges.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information about the Toronto Superturtles Dive Club, call one of the Executive members (listed below) and we'll send you our information package, or drop by the Colony Restaurant on any Thursday evening and we'll be happy to talk to you.

How to contact the Turtles

  Turtles general post
  Valerie and Rod
  Bill Crich
  Steve Kiss
  Steve Murray

You can also call one of the executive members for more information.
Valerie Lister Treasurer/Dive Coordinator (905) 839-6016
Rodney Yip President (905) 839-6016
Steve Kiss Vice-president (905) 887-9544
Bill Crich Secretary/Training Director (416) 444-7183
Peter Rijnieks Instructor (416) 493-9126
Susan Kiss Social Coordinator (905) 887-9544

The Ontario Underwater Council

Part of your club membership pays for a basic membership to the Ontario Underwater Council (OUC). The OUC coordinates diving activities in the province of Ontario. They represent the diving community to government and vice versa. The Turtles have supported the OUC for many years. Several members have held (and hold) executive positions in the council.

The club is a designated "training club" under OUC guidelines and is insured as such.

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